Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wednesday October 13th 2014

Week 2 in the mission field!!!! Woohooo!! I can't believe it, this Wednesday it will be 2 months that I will have been in the mission!!! Well this week was just fantastic! I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but the church came out with a video called "Meet the Mormons" It is amazing!!! It talks about 6 different families and how the gospel helps bless there lives. If you can go see it then do it!! haha. We got to watch it in one of the churches it was so inspirational!!! They also have really good reports about it from non-members and different types of people from all over the world!! There's also a song in it called glorious and David Archuleta sings it haha. Its beautiful! 

Well, great news!! We will be getting Ipad Minis and online proselyting sooner than we thought! We should have facebook and ipad missions by November!!! I'm super excited because this is something I know how to do quite well. And it will make the work a lot more easier haha :) Our mission president also assured us that there will be different ways we can make payments on the ipads :) So my challenge today is for you all to share a spiritual thought on social media :) The other great part of the week was that we went to the temple, woohoo!! Oh my goodness the Oakland temple is so beautiful, Im pretty sure I want to get married there someday hehe. It is my favorite temple. I hope that you and Dad liked the pictures that I sent! It was really cool because it is the 50 year anniversary of the temple dedication :) 

This Sunday was so awesome because one of our recent converts Irrazema brought a friend to church! Her friend had 2 daughters and is really interested in the church and has many questions for us. So we really hope that she will become our investigator soon, wooohoo!! The gluten free diet is going fine! I was able to buy some good food and since I'm spanish speaking everyone pretty much feeds us tortillas. I still have to tell everyone that I have allergies, but it works! It was really funny on Saturday because a member asked me in Spanish what my allergic reaction to nuts was and I said "muerte" which  means death! haha. Their eyes just lit up and we all laughed so hard. They probably thought I was joking, but I was like no, I actually will really die. 

Well, I had my first experience of someone not wanting to talk to us haha. Yesterday we were talking to people in the park. We walked up to a family and I asked for their names and they said just leave us alone we are trying to enjoy our Sunday. I was super surprised cause I've never heard someone speak to me in that way. I was sad for them because they missed out on a great message. I hope they will be more willing to listen one day :) For general conference we watched it in the church! One of the sessions we watched it in a members house and that was my favorite. They made us gluten free waffles, I was in heaven!! haha. So yeah i have had some good food so far :) Well today for pday we are going to go mini golfing im excited!! We also have zumba tomorrow for Relief Society so I will have to take a lot of pictures, I can't wait!!

The missionary work is becoming a little more easier for me which is good :) The coolest experience I have had was the other day! We were teaching Fidel Osorno at the train station about the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. I shared some experiences about faith and he was just really understanding everything. He shared some experiences of his life as well and the spirit was just so strong! Instead of us making a challenge, we asked him what he thinks he should do better and he answered! It was amazing cause he knows how the gospel can help his life and now he is going to make sure that his job doesn't interfere with church!! Blessing!!! Well, I can't wait to receive the package you sent, that's super sweet!!! I will be jumping up and down haha. I will send you another email to answer all your questions. 

Have an amazing week!! God lives and loves you! He supports you in all of your trials and is there along the way. Te Amo Mucho!!!! 

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