Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wednesday September 10

Week 3!!!!!

WOW!!! I love all of your emails I have been feeling so blessed!!! I received 3 letters in the mail at the end of last week and it was amazing. Thank you all so much for the letters that you sent!! I also received the letters from the mexico mtc website! I love that so much because it is actually a hand written copy! Wooohooo for being half way done haha I am so excited to finally be able to go out into the field!! Thank you all for the pictures as well, It is so great to have. Oh I didnt know that packages were so expensive, if you want to wait until California you can mom! My companion and I have just been buying candy bars from the Tienda like every day haha. If it was cheaper Id say send one though, cause they give you like 10 treats in it haha. My companion is super sick and other people in our zone are gettting sick to, so I'm trying to stay as healthy as possible! I am so jealous that you went to a BYU game! Thank you for having me be there in spirit haha! Go BYU In beating Texas!!! Haha!

 Well last week was amazing as usual!! We had fast Sunday and it was super tough, but super worth it! We had fast and testimony meeting all in Spanish and it was the most beautiful thing ever! I loved it! I actually went up and shared my testimony and I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. What a blessing it is to be able to testify! 

This week my companion and I have been blessed with food!! Haha they made us curly fries and they were amazing and gluten free!! The best though was yesterday! They made us GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!! Right!!! I was so happy when I got my pizza! So yesterday was amazing, I will treasure that memory! Also I found the lady that I did pathway speaking with at BYU Idaho. She works in the clinic and since we went there from sickness I was able to talk to her. We smiled and hugged like 10 times! Such a tender mercy, I definitely know that everything happens for a reason!! 

All the elders in our district love to play basketball!!! And they have showdowns every week.Haha! like one against one. Hermana Baumb and I are competing, hahaha. So we will have to see who wins lol. Its going to be so funny. We will definitely take a lot of pictures!! Spanish is going well! I know. The teaching is also going well! My companion and I have been having less time to plan and so we have had to go by the spirit a lot more. Which is so good because we really need to do that. Learning new things every day! Well I love Mexican food but I miss  USA food haha! I cant wait to go back to the USA!! Oh and we saw a devotional from last year by Elder Holland to the missionaries!! I loved it because he said THIS IS REAL LIFE! When you go home you aren't changing back to the old person you were. You are always a missionary and always a disciple of Christ. We must not forget that! There was more thoughts too but I dont want to overwhelm you all with my ideas haha. The mission is definitely work but I love it!!! This week we are going to talk in all Spanish! Wish us luck!! Haha! Love you all soooo much!!! I miss you!!! 

Im glad to see that you are all surviving with work and everything! haha. I sent a letter your way so you should get it next week!! Thank you for having faith in me and setting amazing examples for me to follow!!


Hermana Buys!

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