Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wednesday September 24, 2014

Final Week!!!! Woohooo!!

Well I got separate emails from you all so I will try to best explain things in this email haha. I received your package of goodies again, thank you so much!! My favorite thing in there would definitely be the Reeses! For sure :) So.. if you could send candy again haha or I know there is another package that has chocolate covered berries of some sort and its amazing. One of the Hermanas got it and I was in heaven haha. Sooooo happy that you received my letters! I was worried they wouldnt make it there. Im glad to hear about grandpa and that his heart is doing better with the pace maker! I received both letters from them so that was such a great surprise, please tell them I said thank you! I still havent received the pictures...which is quite sad. I pray everyday that they will come!! haha. Thank you mom and dad for having my back! Its rough when people are not very kind but Im glad that I have your support! Way to go in using the Spanish words I taught, haha :) OH and I will definitely be able to call you on Wednesday when I leave! You still have my flight schedule right?? Its crazy because I have to leave the Mtc at 2:30 in the morning, so Ill probably be really silly but that will just make it all the more fun right??!

Well, this past week there wasnt too much exciting things that happened. However, Sunday was mejor! The best! In Relief Society we heard the talk by Pres. Monson about loving one another (my favorite) and it was a tender mercy!  Oh and guess what?? Mi compañera y yo sang the song If the Savior Stood Beside Me in sacrament! It was so great!! The 2 other hermanas in my district sang with us too! Nothing greater than singing!

Here in the MTC they are having us practice bringing members to lecciones so we know how to in the field. Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a member and it was so much fun! Members really are super super importante in misionary work! We are nothing without them. I feel like as Ive been here Ive come to understand more what personal revelation is and its a major blessing! I dont think ive ever understood it as well as I do now. Its amazing how those thoughts can just be placed there. Another thing Ive learned here is how to love people more haha. Last week I just felt all of this love for my companion when we were talking to one another and I just began tearing up. I dont say this lightly. But I sincerely know that we are meant to be companions and she has been there for me every step of this journey. I love her soooo much!!! 

Last night we had gluten free pizza again and a piece of banana bread for dessert, my life is complete!! haha. They had another live broadcast from the provo mtc and we heard from Elder Ballard!! It was so great!! He spoke up education and how we need to remember that what we do now shapes how our future will be. We wont just be missionaries now but we will be relief society presidents and bishops and different callings. One thing Ive hoped since Ive been here is that I have grown in the gospel. It is hard to see, but I really hope that it is there! Thank you for your devotion and love for me!! Thank you for living the gospel and teaching me what is most important in life!! Im so jealous that you were able to see the temple dedication haha as I was not able too...because I know it must have been amazing! Oh and they have a slideshow with my district and photos in it, you will be getting an email this week or the next of that slideshow so I hope you enjoy it!! I may be able to email again before I leave..however Im not exactly positive. Ill keep my fingers crossed! 

Te amoooo muchooooooooooooooooooooooo Cant wait to talk on the phone and hear from you s

Hermana Buys

P.S. You are always in my prayers and in my thoughts! 

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