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Wednesday September 17, 2014

Week 4 wooohoooo!!!

I must first say how crazy it is that I have been here so long and I leave in exactly 2 weeks from today. I only pretty much have next week left though. I am so excited to get out into the field! Well I am doing better with my sinouses luckily!! However last week my companion and I were quite sick. I´ve been having major stomach pain and I still have no idea where it has come from. I got some medicine from the enfermeria pero it didn´t help to much.. The rest of my distrito is actually getting quite sick this week so we just all have a bug or something I dont know ha. I wanted to say thank you so much for the chocolate!!! I was in heaven!! Whenever someone sees anyone else eating a reeses they get so jealous cause they want one haha. Its hilarious, we all miss american candy and food. SO yes I loved it so much and would love for you to send it again if possible!! I hope that you enjoyed the pictures haha. Even though last week was hard it was also a blast! 

We played pelota and I won!!! It was really funny because all of the elders wanted Hermana Baum and I to get competitive with eachother and we were like, no we are going to be nice to each other haha. It was a lot of fun!! The other person in the picture is one of the Elders in the district and I think he just wanted to take a picture with us because he was Hermana Baum´s ¨coach¨in a way haha. 
This is me with the hermanas in mi distrito y the pelota game!!    Another great thing last week was Sunday night! We were able to watch the Testaments video and I loved it so much. I could feel the Saviors love and it gave me an even stronger desire to find people who need God in their lives. The best part was after the movie though. I asked for a blessing from the Elders in my distrito. They all set their hands on my head and I could feel that it was really Gods priesthood power. I heard exactly what I needed and the spirit was so strong there. I know that they are all worthy priesthood holders! I was just crying and then all the hermanas and 2 elders received blessings too. We all just were in awe of how strong the spirit was in that room. I have been blessed with a close distrito!!

Mexican Independence Day!! We didnt do anything during the day but at night we had this huge celebration! I wish I had pictures..but I couldn´t have my camera there with me, sorry! They performed all of the traditional Mexican dances for us! We had a flag ceremony and Pres. Pratt waved the flag and we all shouted ¨Viva Mexico¨It was so cool!! Then we topped it all of singing the National Anthem. It was so neat!! THey also had a firework go off in the auditorium haha it was scary but so cool! Im pretty sure the only song I´ll be singing the rest of my life is this one. It is the only song that is ever in my head haha..oh boy. We saw some really neat fireworks outside of our casa as well! It was fantastic!!! I definitely feel like im part of this country now too!

Yesterday was the best lesson mi compañera y yo have ever had!! We didn´t know who we were teaching or anything. We just went in and taught and the spirit was there so strongly. We just shared personal experiences and testified. My spanish may not be that great, but I didn´t really have any struggles. I could just feel the spirit so strongly..ah its hard to explain haha. I just know that God called me here to keep me humble and constantly relying on him. Because when I know what I´m doing I dont as much...and I HAVE to have the Spirit when teaching. So it definitley brought my compañera y yo closer! 

To answer your questions...haha that makes me so happy you sent me mail!! I love mail!! I havent gotten anything yet..but maybe today!! I have had emails from Sis. LaBare, Sis. Williams, and Elder Hobbs ha. None of my other mission friends or other friends have really emailed me. Oh except for Camille has!! Its okay though since those are my closest friends!! Is everything going okay mom? How is your health?? I am kind of going crazy that the doctors havent gotten back, they better this week!! My compañera has rubbed my hand once haha but I will ask her to do it more cause it´s a OH and I was going to say make sure you send my package for the mission president by this coming Monday or Tuesday. I will be there 2 weeks from today so don´t delay ha, which I´m sure you wont. That´s so cool we have an apple tree!! and I´m so jealous about making apple crisp, that just sounds amazing!! How was the Ogden temple?? And I just laugh so much from all of your emails, I love them!! That makes me so happy mom that you think of me often! I feel bad about the ticket...oh man but life is just rough sometimes right?? haha. It sounds like you guys are having so much fun!! Well its actually cooler in Mexico than everyone thinks somedays I am just really cold and always wearing a jacket. I cant wait for California haha. 
My skin is better, but is still kind of funky idk haha. It is still peeling from one of my face washes. It was like burning my face so I had to throw it away. 

Also, I didnt receive your pictures, can you please send them again mom?? And I forgot to tell you that on my plane ride here one of the sister missionaries was accidentally given beer instead of gingerale. It was so sad... the plane staff felt so bad. But I just couldnt help laughing haha. So the craziness started before I even got here. SOrry my email is so long this week, I have so much that I didn´´t even get to say..ha. Love and miss you guys sooooooooooooooooooo much!! I am always amazed by how much you have done for me and blessed my life. I could never repay you. Thank you for your support and sending me love through letters and candy haha. 


Hermana Hollie Buys :) :) :) 

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