Monday, December 8, 2014


This past week was quite busy!! I don't know if you all have heard but they came out with a short church video called "He is the Gift" I encourage you all to go and watch that! It is about Christmas and is just really inspirational!! Last Tuesday I had Advanced Orientation because I'm almost done with my 12 weeks in the field. Wow! It was super helpful because they just teach you what the different learning styles are for people and how to better discern their needs. We also had interviews with the mission President. My mission president is the best!!! We had a great conversation and he is very inspired. Things are going well over here!

Well, Tuesday I had a little scare. I had an allergic reaction ( not to nuts) to something in Indian food(still have no idea what it is) and I ended up in the hospital for a few hours. Everything ended up being okay though and my companion was super helpful. I was just really exhausted for the rest of the week. It was really nice though because we got more members to come to our lessons and drive, so that worked out well!! :) So thankful that I had my companion there to help me! 

For Thanksgiving we went to several homes. it was really fun though!! We had a traditional dish dinner at a member’s home and then we went and visited our recent converts. They fed us tamales!! :) We helped one of them with their talk for Sunday and just talked about faith verses fear. It was really inspiring to me! We also visited a woman who has no family that is willing to visit her and is lonely. We felt really bad for her, so that visit was really good. I really do feel for those who don't have people there to support them. It was really uplifting to just sit and talk with her. 

The best part of the week was Saturday!!! Our soon to be new member got married! It was really great to see because now he is one step closer to getting baptized!! His baptism is this Sunday!!!!! It's also super neat because when they get sealed in the temple I will be able to come back and see it :) It was really neat seeing a wedding and realizing how important marriage really is. It's a huge part of the plan!! It makes me excited for what the far future holds!

This week I'm feeling super grateful for the gift of life and for all of the things that we experience in life. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to witness these huge changes in people’s lives. When they choose to take away their weapon of rebellion and follow the example of Jesus Christ their life is really changed for the better. There is no greater happiness then living the gospel! I wish everyone a lovely week and a great start to the month of December! God loves you and so do I :) :) :) 


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