Monday, December 8, 2014


This past week was so much fun!! Here in California they have this huge Crèche exhibit for Christmas! They have over 350 nativity scenes and it's about 15 minutes away from our house. So! We did service for the crèche! We set up decorations for like 4 hours ha!. We still haven't seen it all done but I really hope that we can this week! On our way home from the service we stopped by this place called "CREAM" it is 2 cookies with your choice of ice cream in-between. And was it gluten free?! YES!!!! I had this delicious treat, man I was in heaven! Ha! Ha! We have to go there after my mission, you will all die!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the 49ers Stadium :( But! I hope that they will reschedule it for the next coming weeks. We didn't know about the crèche service and so that's why we haven't been able to go. Another awesome part of my week was exchanges! I went with an English sister and I had to speak Spanish all day by myself. It was definitely intimidating but after a while I really enjoyed it! We had some really good visits and I had a blast with this sister. The best was our meeting with Fidel! I know I always talk about him, but wow! This was amazing! We shared John 3:16 about the reason that Jesus Christ came to this earth. We just had a really good discussion.

While we were talking about this I realized that Jesus Christ has done so much for me. So, in return I want to do everything I can to show him how grateful I am. That's the reason I love being a missionary and a member of the church. That's why I devote my time to him and his children. Because nothing else matters or is going to matter in the future. Wow, if only I could repay my Savior! How easily we take for granted this knowledge that we have. Don't ever forget what he has done for you! When you realize the significance of it, it will change your life!!!

We also had a Christmas party this week! It was really good as we talked with at least 15 non-members. Three of the non-members we've been working with but we stopped for a while because they weren't progressing. However! By some miracle they attended the party and came to 2 meetings of church! The Lord is definitely helping us with this work!!

Last but not least :D BAPTISM!! Andres was baptized yesterday and it was the most beautiful baptism I've seen. My companion gave a talk and on short notice I bore testimony! I really enjoyed it. We invited his wife to share her testimony and it was the icing on the cake! Which followed by his testimony :D They both were so sincere and he was just so ready to be baptized. He already has such a strong testimony! We were blessed to have our mission President attend the baptism as well. I'm really lucky because when they are sealed in the temple next year I'll be able to go :D :D

Well, I don't know what's in store for this week yet. But, I know that great things will happen!! So thankful for everyday, even when its hard! It's my last week with my companion so I'm really going to treasure it :D May you all have a great weeks and remember that Jesus Christ is the Gift! He is the reason for all!

Te Amo Muchisimo!! Con todo de mi Corazon!

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