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Wow! What an AMAZING WEEK!!! I don't even know where to start! First off, thank you so much mom and dad for the letters and package!!! That was a great surprise to see and it was exactly what I needed! This last week started out super great! We have 4 new Elders in our area ha so there are 5 elders and us 2 sisters. We have our own apartment now and so that's been taking some getting used to but I also love it!! We visited with a less active member and it just happened to be that her non member friend was over. SO! We taught her about the gospel and we have a return appointment with her. This was such a huge blessing because we really need new investigators!

Also! I love the priesthood can I just say that! I have gained such a deep love for the priesthood as I've been on the mission. I received a blessing this past week and wow it was fantastic. It always makes me feel so much better and helps remind me what my purpose as a missionary is. I also am reminded that Christ fulfilled his purpose on the cross and in the garden of Gethsemane. That he went through all of that just for me! Because he did this, I can conquer all of my trials too because I have his help :)

Our investigator Andres baptism date moved to December 7th and I'm so excited!! The only thing right now is that he doesn't know if he believes that we have a literal prophet today. So! My companion and I have been teaching a lot about prophets and letting him hear the words of Pres. Monson. We committed him to pray and seek to know if President Monson is God's true prophet. And I know that he will receive an answer!!

Sunday was fantastic because our recent convert Amada gave her first talk! She did an outstanding job and she just pours her heart into her words. It's definitely a great experience seeing her keep growing in conversion! And best thing of all we had a special meeting with Elder Bednar!!! There are so many things that I learned and felt there. Above all though, I learned that we are Agents not Objects!!! Which means we are to act and use our agency. When we just ask for things we are not showing God our faith. Don't just pray for people to come to church, go and bring them!! True faith is going out and doing the will of God even when you don't know exactly what to do. Because once you take that leap he will help you. Also! Everything works out if we are just obedient to the commandments and are good people. If you just do your best in everything you are called to do and align your will with God it all works out. This meeting was just life-changing :) I know that Elder Bednar is called of God and he truly speaks Gods words! All we have to do is listen and let the spirit teach us what we need to know!!! I love you all very much!! Have a fantastic week!!!!

Te Amo!!!

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