Sunday, December 28, 2014


Well some pretty crazy things happened this past week. So! I guess I will start of by saying I have a new companion!!!! Her name is Sister Turley and she is from West Valley, Utah! So all of my companions so far are from utah, crazy huh?! Well, small world her family owns the gluten free bakery called "Eleanors Bake shop" Our favorite place right mom?! haha :) So it's super great cause we can eat the same foods and she knows how to make really good things hehe. She is very animated and excited all the time. She just talks to everybody and is a great missionary! It's been quite the experience adjusting to a new companion, ha! She has been on the mission for 8 months so yeah :) We are learning how to work together and use our strengths!

Here is just a few of the weird things that happened to us last week: someone tried to call the police on us because we were contacting in a park, a man by our apartment offered us cigarretes, and I was hit on by an old man who basically told me that he wanted to marry me, ha! So as you can see it was a very exciting week haha.

The best part of last week was miracles!! My last companion and I worked super hard, but it was difficult to do everything since she was still training me. Well, since I am done with training we now have an extra hour to do everything! So! We met about 100 people last week, we taught 26 lessons and have 6 new investigators! I'm not sharing these numbers to brag, but to show that anything is possible!! We are pretty much starting all over in this area and it's been super hard. However, as you can see God is in the work! Every tiny detail he is in it! THere is no way we could've accomplished any of this without him. I'm so excited for these next few transfers because I know that we are going to be so successful!! 

Also, we got to visit the Chavez family!! They are recent converts and are so strong, they are on fire!! Well, a few weeks ago Amada had an accident in the kitchen and had like a 3rd degree burn on her foot. She hasn't been able to walk for 3 weeks. Last week her husband had difficulty breathing he was in the hospital for days. On top of it all her 2 daughters are sick. It's so unfortunate and so hard, but they still remain strong. All of this happened right before they were going to go to the temple for the first time. This is a testimony to me that when you are doing good satan will do everything to attack you. But! YOu can choose to hold on to that faith and keep pushing. THey are such an example to me and I sure love them!! 

I know this is already a super long! I just want to say how thankful I am for you guys!! I'm SOOOOOOOO EXCITED to skype and talk to everyone this Thursday! Merry Christmas!!!! Remember all that CHrist did and continues to do for us. You are all in my prayers and I love you all!!!Have a very merrry. amazing, happy, lovely Christmas!!

LES AMO!!!!!!!

Hermana Hollie Buys


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