Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monday January 12th 2015

This past week was super amazing!! It wasn't really a normal missionary work, but nonetheless it was fantastic! Before I forget, we heard from Elder Quinton L. Cook. He is such a great man! He is really sweet and loving. For the 1st hour we were with him we did a question and answer thing. Then the last hour he just spoke to us. This was by far one of the most spiritual experiences that I've had. Everything he said I felt like was directed personally to me. He talked about how important we are to the members and that this work is going to make a difference. Sometimes we just do things day to day and can't see that we impact anybody, but we do! Elder Cook left us with a promise that those who we love, our future spouses, and everyone we come in contact with will be blessed by our service. WOW! You can't have a greater blessing than that right? It was wonderful!!

Hollie had Thai food this week. Looks yummy!!!

Other things that happened in the week were exchanges! I actually went on exchanges 2 days in a row ha. They were both in English areas and it was super fun! It was neat because we met a lady and she only spoke Spanish, so we talked and now she is a potential investigator that we will meet with this week! On my other exchange we met this guy who tried to accuse our church of doing crazy things. He just wanted to prove us wrong, we just bore testimony though and went on our way. I've learned not to get upset with people anymore, but just feel sad for them. They just need God to fill up that space where the hole is :D 

The family that we moved is doing good! They will most likely be getting a home here soon, so that's great! We had a lesson last week with all of their family and it was wonderful. We were just about to start teaching when Moses asked "When can I be baptized?" Sister Turley and I were super shocked, but so happy! We just see over and over again God putting people in our path. We received 2 other new investigators last week as well. It's so true that the Lords work is getting faster and moving along :D 

The mission talked to us and we are starting to use pamphlets with our teaching more. We are doing the lessons a lot more simple and taking more time to plan for each investigator. It's a change and a little hard to get used to, but I love it! We already can feel the spirit so much more in our lessons! Well, I feel so blessed to be a missionary!! I love this work and all that it does for everyone involved in it! :D I know that God lives and this is the true gospel that has been restored in its perfect form :D 

Te Amo!!!!!!!

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