Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monday January 19, 2015

Not too much happened this past week, but the few big events that happened were amazing!!!!! One our members took all of the missionaires in our ward to the Cheesecake factory! It was heavenly, ha. They have gluten-free cheesecake and everything!! This family actually might be moving to Utah in a month or so. So you'll have to find them mom and dad! :)

A little bowling on P-day with the Zone!

We stopped by See's Candy celebrating Sister Turley's one year mission anniversary!

Well we had a big meeting with 3 zones and our mission president of course! This meeting has changed the whole way that we do missionary work, it is awesome though!! Since Pres. Mella has been President for 6 months now he has permission to change the way that we do things in our mission. So...he did! haha. Our  new mission vision is D&C 18: 10-16!! It talks about how the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. So, our primary focus is on finding the one!! I love it!! We are really focusing in on finding joy in the journey! Also on making our mission more according to preach my gospel!! So,we are no longer counting contacts but just naturally going out of our way to talk people. We want to find more meaningful contacts through activities or creative ways rather than just finding on the street. The biggest thing that I learned though is that there are 3 most powerful tools in conversion. They are prayer, church attendance, and book of mormon.

I could go on and on about this meeting haha but I don't want to take up everyones time! Another great thing that happened this week was Alex Boye came and did a fireside! We took a returning member with us and it was exactly what she needed to hear. Alex talked about letting everything go! Don't hold onto regrets, bad feelings and all the things that we really don't need. Follow the footsteps of our savior and truly become like him!! He asked a question, "What are you doing that's keeping you from loving your Savior fully?" So, that's my question today! Because I know that we all have something that is holding us back.

Well, my companion and I are super excited for this week because one of our investigators is getting baptized!! I will be sending some pictures next week :) and...I know that life as a member is not always easy. It's not meant to be that way though!! God has to mold us and shape us to become the best we can be. In order to do that we have to struggle! But, you know what..he will never make us struggle beyond what we can do. So! I think if we can remember that and remember that there are so many reasons for us to be happy.  Then, we will come to really understand what the atonement is :D
Con Amor!!!!!!

Hermana Hollie Buys

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