Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday February 2nd 2015

As with other weeks this past week was filled with many miracles!! Among the miracles is that I get to stay here in Santa Clara! :D It was also great to receive a package from the family as well as Kent and Anna. Thank you so much guys!!!!! 

Well, I am pretty sure that everyday I am reminded what a blessing it is to be learning Spanish. Last week we were going to eat at a taco truck with our district and we were ordering our food when we realized that it had to be cash. However, we didn't have any. Instead of going somewhere else this couple gave us 5 dollars. Then the taco truck gave us 2 dollars and we payed with our 2 dollars. It was such a tender mercy. We also were able to talk about them about the church! Even if it was embarrassing a little, it's nice to know there's people out there trying to help us :)

It's been really cool to see our investigators progressing! We had 3 of them come to church on Sunday! Not only did they come, but they loved it!! It's been really neat to see them come closer and closer to God. We were teaching Moses how to pray and at the end of his prayer he didn't know how to close, so he just said," God bless America." We were laughing so hard!! haha. 

Our other investigator Arthur just always is shocking us! He studied the Book of Mormon and when we came to visit him he showed us his discoveries. He calculated that time that it took Joseph Smith to see the plates and he wrote in his journal. The Book of Mormon and Bible are truth! He's been talking to everybody about his baptism and that after he's baptized he can go there! He proudly says, " I'm getting baptized February 28th!! haha!

Great news concerning my comp. is that she was called as an STL!!! And.. my old companion is engaged and will be getting married June 27th!! So there are big changes going on!! Above all I think the thing that was the neatest experience for me was last night. I decided to pray out loud for my nightly prayers. At first it was a huge struggle and I felt nervous and awkward. I thought of how our investigators must feel. As I continued praying though I didn't feel that way anymore. It was the best prayer I've ever had in my life. I haven't felt God's presence so near. I want to make all of my prayers like that :) And so...that is my challenge for all of you this week! To try and have more sincere prayers. Not just pray, but also try like I did to do it out loud. It makes a huge difference!! 

I love you all and I thank you for your support and all that you've done for me!! Continue sharing the gospel and looking for ways to serve your family and God every day :D 

Hermana Buys

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