Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday February 9th 2015

Well I have to say that so many things happened last week..and I can't remember all of them. haha. Sorry!! So, I figure I will just share some of my highlights!! As you can see we went to the temple!!! We got our investigator Moises, his son, and his mom Ofelia to go to the temple. I have never felt the spirit so strong there! It was fantastic! It's super funny going to the temple with an investigator vs. going by yourself. They have other missionaries teach your investigator and it's just like wait what? haha. It's nice though :) 

We had such a neat experience when we went and watched the videos about families. By the end we were all crying and it was a tender experience. It's neat to see how important the family is to Moises and that is something he can connect with the church super well! We also saw Meet the Mormons and I think he really enjoyed that too! Of course they all wanted to actually go in the temple and were saddened that they couldn't enter at the time. But! now they have a goal to get there!!! And I can't wait for that day! 

After the temple was completely opposite of the experience we had inside. We went to go get food and Moises confessed to us some things he had been doing. That he hadn't kept the we tried explaining the commandments but he wouldn't really listen. My comp. and I went home that night feeling good but a little sad at the same time. 

Well, we went to church the next day and the talks were on faith and obedience!! They talked about all of Moises's needs and his worries. He leaned over to my comp. and said "You told her what I'm going through didn't you?" haha. It was soooo cool!!! It is such a huge testimony to me that God really does care about our investigators! That he is there to help them find his path, to find the road to happiness! He knows what they need!!

I think the biggest thing that I realized this week is that the family really is central to Gods plan. We are so blessed with temples!! The process doesn't end after baptism. We are able to be married with our families for eternity! Isn't that amazing?? How can you pass that up or prolong it just so you can have some momentary fun?!? haha. The temple is where we should be focused on! I just want you all to remember that this week :) Remember the purpose of this life. I know that when we realize that we will truly know who we are and what true happiness is! 

I love you all!! I wish you a happy valentines day!! You bring me so much happiness and joy!

Te amo!!!!!!!

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