Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday January 26th

This past week was certainly one of the best weeks I've had on the mission!! It was so great. Before I talk about the great stuff I figure I should mention the bad stuff first haha.

So! I do have a diviated septom and will need surgery. However, the mission wants me to get it when I go home and not right now. Also! We went over to Olivia(an investigator) house and were teaching her. She takes care of Jane and Jane's visiting teacher came over at the same time we were teaching. Instead of the visiting teacher just coming and saying hi she interrupted our lesson and was telling our investigator she is a bad person. She told her that she goes to the wrong church and needs to be baptized. Then she was trying to argue with us on if Olivia and Jane would go to the Spanish or English ward. Olivia only speaks Spanish so of course they would come with us! This wasn't the full extent of her craziness haha. Lets just say it was a bad visit. Sometimes it's better to not have a member present lol. So we left that lesson and prayed that we wouldn't have to have that situation, it was BAD. ha. 

On the bright side! We continue to see miracles with the new method of teaching the first three lessons! We had Ramona pray about a baptismal date in front of us and we just sat there after the prayer and listened. The spirit was very strong and I felt as if I had a heating pad on my chest. After the prayer she said that she would keep it in mind, yay!!

We also had the baptism of Nicole Chavez! Her parents joined in August this past year. Before the baptism it was all crazy and hardly anyone was there. Then our mission president showed up and it all worked out!! There was a lovely spirit there and we were blessed to hear the testimonies of her parents! Baptism truly is a blessing to see!

That same day we went and taught Arthur Ochoa a lesson. We were worried that he was pushing away from us. Before the lesson we felt like we should talk about temples. So we did! Turns out that his daughter died long ago and he wondered what would happen to her! When we told him how she will have the opportunity to accept the message like him he was soo happy! He prayed to know if he should be baptized and his answer is yes!! Temple work is soooo amazing!! He will be getting baptized on February 28th!!

It's so cool to see God working through my companion and I. We don't know how all of these blessings just come to us, haha. We are learning though that when we work hard and work smart, it opens the pathway for God to be there :) I have a testimony that this is his work! And there is no greater work than that :D 

Con AMor,

Hermana Buys

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